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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) combines several action plans including Pay Per Click and Sponsored Links, Paid and Free Listings in Local and Industry Specific Directories and Web Portals, Inbound Linking from other relevant well indexed web pages, effective Cross Linking within your web site, and content written keyword rich and “search engine friendly.”

Search Engine Marketing combined with Search Engine Optimization is the essence of Internet Advertising.

Most savvy web marketing firms combine Pay Per Click advertising and make sure to be listed in various Free Local Online Directories. 

Is your Bay Area or Central Illinois business web site listed in the free local online directories? 

Yahoo Local
MSN Live Search
Ask City

Being listed consistently in these various free local directories is important. Some search engines utilize a sophisticated program to deliver local results to broad based (or, vague) searches Some search engines do know the location of your Internet service provider and have other means of determining your location … they essentially cross reference these “trusted” local directories in an attempt, called Universal Search, to deliver local results when John Doe in Oakland, for example, does a search for, “Personal Injury Lawyer” (without adding a geographic descriptor, such as “Walnut Creek Personal Injury Lawyer” or “Bay Area Personal Injury Lawyer"). 

We employ subtle techniques to ensure best practices when it comes to getting listed in these various free local online directories. 

Getting listed and obtaining inbound links from national, regional, and industry specific free directories is very important, too. The number of Industry specific web portals of relevance you can be listed in, either paid or non-paid, to your site needs to be determined, but be assured the list can be extensive. One-way inbound linking from credible, relevant, well-indexed web pages essentially tells the search engines, “Hey, you can trust this web page, we do.”

Web Sites That Work

*  Have sound inbound link strategy
*  Have inbound links from sites that bring qualified (targeted) traffic
*  Have inbound links from high profile sites that search engines deem AOK *  Employ techniques to increase site Link Popularity and Page Rank
*  Have content rich, original, dynamic content (keyword rich language or “search engine friendly content”)
*  Have proper Title tagsMeta tags, website structure (file names and file paths).
*  Partner with a vendor you can trust
*  Partner with a vendor that has experience


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