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Northern California and Peoria, IL, area businesses have depended upon our advicesupport and expertise for the past ten years to realize the strength of Web site marketing to improve their online presence and business bottom line. 

Your clients expect you to have a credible, well designed and informative web site. And, just as important, you are more likely to get found in the "organic search results" with an original, content rich, and well optimized web site. Search engines don't find web sites, per se ... they find web pages. So, for the most part, the more product specific or service specific web pages you have the better. For an attorney, for example, the more well optimized practice area specific pages you have, typically, maximizes your opportunity for the search engines to find you. You simply have more opportunities to be found for many reasons, not the least of which is more keyword density and internal linking within the pages of your web site.

Setting proper expectations is important  when looking to market your company successfully on the web. A myriad of factors go into "which web page gets placed higher, when and why," when  it comes to specific keyword searches from your next prospect's computer or hand-held device.

Inbound linking to the various pages on your web site (not just the Home Page) from other "trusted" web pages already well indexed and assigned high page ranking by Google and the other major search engines can greatly enhance your chances for getting found under specific keyword searches. 

There is no cookbook recipe for being number one in organic (non-paid) search results. The prominent search engines being utilized today, as you may already know, frequently change  their algorithms to determine and deliver search results (search placement). After all, the search engines are continually trying to deliver the best results they can to their clients (the "web surfer").

Generally speaking their are two types of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). One being "Internal SEO," which is basically everything on your web site and "under the hood," so to speak ... the Title TagsMeta TagsHTML code, and so on. The other is "External SEO," which is essentially about marketing your site via "trusted third party sites" (includiung Social Media) and developing a solid and relevant inbound link strategy to give your site more importance "in the eyes of the search engine," and thus, obtain higher search ranking for particular keyword searches.

Getting high search rankings in the organic search results is clearly the name of the game when it comes to Internet marketing. Not that pay per click visibility campaigns, buying keywords, getting listed in trusted Internet directories doesn't work. Quite the contrary. But we know, from our vast experience working for demanding clients in the Bay Area the past ten years, that you expect much greater online visibility, more customers, at a much better cost vs. "pay per click (PPC) rate by comparison." It is hard to beat a content rich, well designed and well-optimized web site. But to be clear - most successful Internet marketers today utilize a combination of these various forms of online client development products and services to drive qualified traffic to their web site, and more specifically, the interior web pages on your web site more specific to the exact search engine inquiry.

"Thanks for all your help. My website is getting the kind of traffic I want ... and we are getting new clients. You are the best." 

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